“We are thrilled to debut ProPasta™. Over the years, our team has worked fiercely, dialing in our ingredients in preparation for this debut. We truly believe eating foods free from allergens, animal products and gluten shouldn’t compromise flavor, texture and nutrition.” 

- Chadwick White C.M.B., Co-founder, and CTO 

One of the leaders that brings ProPasta™ to the freezer aisle is Co-Founder Chadwick White. Chadwick brings 34 years of food experience to the table. In 1998, Chadwick received his Master Baker Certification, being the 84th and youngest in the U.S to attain the designation. Just one conversation with Chadwick and you will understand how he takes food to another level. He is intimate with each ingredient he uses and understands the balance of science and nutrition behind each recipe.
The journey to true nutrition has been a winding path. In 2008, Chadwick partnered with Udi and Etai Baron to develop Udi’s Gluten-Free. Chadwick’s recipes grew Udi’s Gluten-free to a household name. His one regret was that he did not use more nutritious gluten free ingredients in the products. Chadwick’s passion for nutrition sparked at that moment. Co-founding Gluten-free Baking Solutions, sprouting gluten-free grains, and creating innovations that were more balanced. Over the last 4 years, Gluten-free Baking Solutions has transformed into Nepra Foods Ltd., a company founded in allergen-free and plant-based food and ingredients.
Chadwick demands great-tasting food that is nutritious. Many chefs can put a dish together that tastes delicious, but often that is at the expense of balanced nutrition. Chadwick created ProPasta™ to disrupt the frozen food aisle.
Pro Nutritious. Pro Delicious.